Tuesday, 13 June 2017

James Giovinazzo Broker, Transferring Skills from One Industry to the Other

According to The Art of Career Transitioning by Vincent James Giovinazzo Meeting different people, listening to what they have to say about what they have experienced can serve as an eye-opener. When you learn about other people’s life and experience, it opens up a new perspective. It enables you to see world in a different manner. As a matter of fact, it might change the lens through which you perceive your own life and help you to get a better idea about your success and failure.

Achievement of James Giovinazzo

Jim Giovinazzo, Red Bank – Climbing The Corporate Ladder that used he to work in Wall Street, the financial industry and talking to people has been a part of his job. Apart from hearing different stories from people, he has also recounted his own to other. Sales have always been a significant aspect of his profession. In Wall Street, he was forced to sell himself in order to achieve his career goals. A person’s skill and personality is driving factor in the competitive world of finance. However, presently, he works as a business technology consultant. This industry focuses on selling products instead of abstract ideas. You should know that sales involve telling stories.

Vincent James Giovinazzo Broker is of the opinion that many qualified professionals are shifting to the tech industry in order to give a fresh start to their career. This is completely different from the ‘boys club’ feel of the financial sector. The tech industry is progressing and is largely filled with young blood. In the financial industry, it might be difficult to work your way up the ladder but in the tech industry, only your raw ability matters.

James Giovinazzo realized this when he left his job to become a technical salesperson. He is one of the most qualified professional in the world since he worked at a topmost level of American financial market. He has mentioned that people in Wall Street work like animals. If you work here, you have to work with different type of people, make prudent decisions, and trust your gut while you do so. Nonetheless, technology sales require you to break different barrier.

While in Wall Street, you have to sell yourself as product, in technology sales you have to sell a product. However, the principal of selling still applies like paying close attention to the needs of the customer’s requirement, strong interpersonal skills, and ambition. In present times, Wall Street has become dependent on technology to achieve success. Thus, having significant knowledge about the financial institutions and their requirement proved to be beneficial for James Giovinazzo. He now sells application performance software to these firms.

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