Sunday, 18 June 2017

Jim Giovinazzo Broker, The Broker Turned Technical Sales Expert

Jim Giovinazzo’s Journey as a sales expert

Jim Giovinazzo Broker - Always a Salesman says that the balance in between selling yourself and selling your product varies from industry to the other. Moreover, it depends on the profession that you have undertaken. However, there are some industries that require a combination of the skill of selling a product and the skill of selling an idea. Jim Giovinazzo has the skill to slide down from one end of the scale to the other for facilitating a career change in his life.

For several years, James Giovinazzo worked on the Wall Street, financial industry. He recalls that in his previous life he used to sell himself as the product. He goes on to say that in Wall Street individuals work like animals and it is important to work with all types, make calculated decisions, think prudently, and trust your gut. Finance is a competitive field where the professionals know how to compose themselves and manage different situations.

The Modern Salesman by Vincent James Giovinazzo shows that he has made a great transition in career. He started working in the technology sector. Here, he experienced a change in the way in which he approached his professionals. He recounts that in technology sales, you might want to sell yourself but ultimately it is about selling the product and this is more technical. While it is important to be convincing and carry out oneself well for persuading the potential partner that you the ideal company for them. Being able to understand the product and sell its asset is a make or break situation.

He even goes to the extent of saying that the motto of selling yourself in the financial industry is quite similar to the entertainment industry. It involves acting as you have to convince the clients. However, the tech world is about the raw ability. In the technological field, the technicalities of the systems and products simply mean that it focuses on developing and selling a product.

Technology sales have different barriers. It is an aggressive field and you need to wait for the lead to come to you. You have to make the customer realize that they need the product. This is more of science and less of an art form.

Jim Giovinazzo is a professional who has tasted success in different competitive fields and thus, has been able to transfer his skills from one competitive industry to the other. He is acutely aware of the differences and the similarities of the two industries which gave him the benefit of perspective that will help him to achieve success.

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